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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Street photography – Intense looking man


Sydney streets are full of colourful people – and endless, ever changing source of photographic inspiration. Street photography is quite a challenge for the photographer – it is all about capturing the moment, getting close to the people but not getting in their way as to alter their behaviour.

Here is an intense looking character I spotted while on lunch-time walk.

Models Gallery


I have created a new photographic gallery called models . Most of the photographs in this gallery were taken during recent Erina Fair Wedding Wonderland show. I have to admit the conditions were not photographer friendly with dim light and difficult access.

I have attempted to create a variety of effects in post processing. The photos were converted from raw using Bible Pro and touched up with Photoshop CS. I have used 2 of my favourite plug-ins: PowerRetouche and Nik Color Fx. The girls are glamorous and I hope you’ll enjoy this new fashion gallery .