Portrait of Homeless Man


Following my recent posting of Imagine no possessions digital photograph some people commented that I should have asked the homeless man to pose for the photo. Initially I knocked back the idea as I like to capture the moment – expression and situation. However, pride took better of me and I have found this man again. I have asked him for a pose and he gladly agreed. I must say I was pleasantly surprised how easy it turned out to do.

He surprised me once more just a moment later, seeing the lens pointed at him from very close (less than a metre) he looked straight into it and gave me smile.

Yes, I know the photo has big, blown regions courtesy of midday sun. Never the less I really like the way it turned out.

  • william

    Holy jumping! It’s Eddie Vedder!

  • http://carolann-artiststudio.blogspot.com carolann

    Hi Ted, I put in a google image search for homeless man and saw this image of yours. I really like this as the expression on his face shows so much of the character of the man. I am currently interested in portrait painting in pastels, a new media for me, and I would like to try and portray your photo in pastels. It will be quite difficult as there arn’t too many tonal values in the face so I may have to invent something. Any way the point is that I would like your permission to paint him and I will show it on my blog along with your photo and a link to your site. I know this image is subject to copyright which is why I am asking if this is ok. If so, I will continue with my painting and post it on my blog. If you prefer to decline permission I understand. Thanking you, Carolann