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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



There is a group of young people who do skate boarding at Martin Place. I have to state that personally I consider this extremely dangerous as they perform some jumps where the landing space is so narrow the chance of successful completion of the jump without injury or a fall is very minimal. I don’t think they share my view on danger in this case. Here is one of these brave skaters performing a very spectacular jump.

CoastFest 2006


Few random photographs from CoastFest 2006 – Central Coast Festival of Music, Art and Culture .

Chinese Dancers from Central Coast Chinese Association performing an umbrella dance:

This Indian cook called out: “Hey man with a big camera, why don’t you take a photograph of me?”. Could I refuse an invitation like that?

Diverse style songs and bands with plenty of character where the essence of the festival.

Statuesque Sandra is one of the bellydance teachers from a team called Desert Flame.