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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



I met Morgana in quite an unusual place – Strand Arcade, which is full of upmarket boutiques. I don’t think Morgana was thrilled initially with an idea of being photographed.

Morgana I’d like to take few more photographs of you. You have my details, please e-mail or call me!

Rod Alexander – guitar player


If you pass near the water fountain at Sydney’s Martin Place you may be treated to beautiful classical tunes played on a hybrid of a harp and guitar. The musician who performs these ear catching tunes is Rod Alexander.

Rod Alexander is a finger style guitarist and harp guitarist, born in Australia. He has been playing guitar obsessively for about 15 years. He is influenced by Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel, John Williams and Steve Vai, amongst others. You can hear some of his magic at Rod Alexander’s website.