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Rob Talty – Emergency Makeovers


It is seldom that Sydney street can provide practical advice on everyday beauty care. During my lunchtime walks I meet a lot of creative dancers, pavement artists, various musicians and magicians. If you have a minute you may stop for a while and enjoy their talent.
Today was very different courtesy of a very clever Pantene promotion. Hairstylist Rob Talty has selected 3 women from the lunch time crowd and rejuvenated them in no time proving that looking good and younger does not have to be an ordeal.
Here is the Patene media release with more details:

October 2006


Rob Talty, hairstylist to the stars and host of US TV show ‘Ambush Makeover’, turned back the hands of time at yesterday’s ‘Emergency Makeovers’ in Martin Place, taking years off the appearance of the three makeover targets selected for anti-ageing style overhauls.
Another successful Australian export now based in LA, Talty, tends to the tresses of a long list of celebrity clients including Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Britney Spears and Nelly Furtado. He also heads up the reality TV show ‘Ambush Makeover’, searching the streets of America for unsuspecting makeover targets that are transformed from ‘fashion victims’ to fashionistas.

Partnering with Pantene, Talty was on the look-out for some tired looks that needed a more youthful vigor. With this in mind, Talty selected three Sydney women from the busy lunchtime crowd in Martin Place: Samantha Rich (36), Kathy Phelan (41) and Kate Alstergen (35) to have anti-ageing ‘Emergency Makeovers’.More…

To prove an aged appearance is more than lines & wrinkles, the three makeover targets were required to stand in a glass box in Martin Place where passers-by were asked to guess their age. They then accompanied Talty back to the Pantene Shine Hair Spa in Skygarden, Pitt Street Mall, where Talty worked his magic by giving the women a completely new look with hair, wardrobe and make-up, shaving years off their overall appearance.

“In today’s world the pressure on women to look younger comes from so many different directions including the media, Hollywood, society and even friends,” says Talty.

“The results of Pantene’s Emergency Makeovers really drives home the message that you don’t have to resort to drastic measures like cosmetic surgery in order to look younger – you can make a simple change like taking extra care of your hair to help it look healthy and shiny to take years off your appearance.”

Some of Talty’s other tips for looking younger from top to toe include:

* Medium Length Hair = Younger Features: “I would recommend a medium-length style for ladies that would like to take a few years off their appearance as this length lifts the face and carries more height, giving the impression of an elongated neck.
* Avoid The ‘Jet-Black’ Look: “Don’t rule out going brunette completely but avoid the ‘jet black’ look as this is quite harsh against the complexion and can add years to your appearance.

Pantene’s ‘Emergency Makeovers’ corresponds with the launch of Pantene’s Pro-V Time Renewal range, the first anti-ageing hair range to be introduced to the Australian market.

Just like the skin, the hair also ages. Younger hair is soft, smooth and shiny while “ageing hair” can become tired, dull and dry. Hair damage including mechanical, thermal, environmental and chemical damage accelerates the hair ageing process. To help fight the hair ageing process, Pantene has developed the Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal range to restore the look and feel of younger hair. The Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal range hydrates tired and dull strands, helping to restore shine and radiance.

Pantene Time Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner 400ml RRP $11.99
Pantene Time Renewal Shine & Fortifying Tonic RRP $11.99
Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal range is available from all leading mass stores and pharmacies. For stockist enquires: 1800 028 280