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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.



I must admit I am often fascinated with sub cultures and youth trends. In recent years piercing took quite a center stage and many young people have some piercings starting from multiple ear studs, via tongue, lip, nose and eyebrow to more esoteric back of the neck studs. It looks painful and I guess it is painful. This young man allowed me to take his portrait near Sydney Town Hall. Thank you.

Talk Kiwi


I’ve met these two strange characters today at the Pitt Street Mall. They spoke with a funny accent and had their pets with them. They threw “doodacki” at me and I’ve said watch your language. Somehow I did not expect back to get a Vegemite sandwich.

Yep, a couple of lost sheep, oops, kiwis in the middle of Sydney.

Seriously these blokes were working hard promoting a competition with main prize being the trip to New Zealand. Go check it out