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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Rainbow and an Eucalyptus Tree


I don’t know how many times I have tried to photograph the rainbow. Each time the photos turned out quite dull and the rainbow barely visible. This time however I had quite a bit of luck and quite a bit of time to do it properly as this rainbow appeared just in the valley in front of my house. Dramatic clouds and low light provided for a quite spectacular landscape.

Ice Hockey – Pee Wee – Liverpool Saints vs. Central Coast Cyclones


Any one who has ever photographed an ice hockey game will be familiar with the fact that rinks despite all the white ice are quite dark. I photograph my son’s games and spend endless hours correcting the colours of each photo. The light in most rinks we attend tends to require Colour Temperature adjustment to about 3300K. I decided to be adventurous with my camera today and instead of using Automatic White Balance I’ve dialed the 3300K temperature. This proved to be spot on. All photos turned our with correct colours.

The short lesson from this story: if you photograph at a venue that gives you constant trouble with colour and that constant is definable, like in this case temperature adjustment it is worth taking notes about this adjustment and use them directly as camera parameters at that venue.

PS: Cyclones lost to Saints 1:6