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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Australian Fashion Week – Last day surprise


In a surprising turn of events I have been asked on the last day of the Australian Fashion Week to cover a number of shows for a friend journalist as his regular photographer fell sick. From a photography point of view the fashion shows are about very fast walking models, changing lights, over crowded photographers pit, limited view and finally timing. I did not have my monopod with me, which is a must have item for such events thus I have opted for high ISO – 800, in this case. An important factor was colour temperature, which tends to be low 3200K to about 4000K. I have adjusted some of these values in post processing.

The lens of choice was 70-200 f/2.8. The lens choice is very much dictated by the position in the photographers pit. If I was in the first, lower row, directly in the front of the catwalk a shorter 28-75 zoom would be my selection. I took over 500 photographs. Here is a selection of them divided into 7 galleries, each dedicated to individual designer / fashion house.

Fashion photo gallery of Marnie Skillings 94 photos

Fashion photo gallery of BamBam Cloth 27 captures

Fashion photo gallery of Piper Lane 26 images

Fashion photo gallery of SUBFUSCO 24 photographs

Fashion photo gallery of Fischer von Meszlenyi 34 photos

Fashion photo gallery of Kornerd 30 images

Fashion photo gallery of artsu 31 photographs