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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Morning has broken


A morning, foggy scene of a field road. The whole scene was soaked in early morning sun rays and surrounded in a bit of magic courtesy of gentle fog.

This was a very difficult scene to photograph. The strong sun light coming through the top right corner generated interesting rays cutting through the morning fog and steam from the bushes. I have again used a HDR (high dynamic range) technique to render this image. In this case it allows of showing of the whole range of greens from very dark to very bright and at the same time not loosing any details to clipping (when colours combine to a single colour spot)

Terrigal – Photographing the sunset


My kids really like this particular spot. There is lots to explore or simply to spot a crab or other sea creature. It certainly makes a good break from playing computer games or watching TV.

There was a photographer there who setup with a tripod and pointed it at the sea (towards the East at sunset). This struck me as bit odd however, he was onto something. There was unusual level of smog over the see on the horizon and thus the evening sun rendered it as stripes of red shades. Lucky for me and unlucky for him the seagulls put up a show between where I was sitting and the sea resulting in this landscape photograph.