Pink FJ Holden


I have photographed this “shocking pink” FJ Holden in a suburban shopping centre car park. The owners ,(an older couple) were very excited that someone has shown an interest in their immaculately restored car. They left the car without me asking ensuring I had a “clean” image. Then they proceeded to show me their own photos of this and 4 other FJs. You could see they were very passionate about their cars.

The photo itself benefited from someone lining behind this car with their light on and thus providing the back light and under chassis light. The front of the car was lit by shop’s lighting.

  • Di Edwards

    Hi Kevin,

    Just some more info for you. My dad now owns this car, and yes it is still in NSW but in the Newcastle area.

    Thank you for more information about “Pinky” as you call it as we didnt know much about how it ended up pink.

    The car is now only used as a Sunday car I guess you can say… But it is very much loved by my daughter. You never know she may end up with it when she is older.

    Thanks again

  • Kevin Mc Cann

    Hi guys, we are the old guys that built “pinky”. It is just over 50 years old. Well …anyway, here is some useful or useless info about “pinky”.

    I purchased the car from the Robinson family of Wagga in 2000, as an unfinished project. It was painted 2 tone original grey, no windows, with the engine & gearbox just hanging in there. I got the car home and was going to use all the new parts that came in the deal to build up a FJ panel van that I once owned. The van ended up on the northern beaches, Sydney, other van I owned went to Warwick, QLD.

    One day, the wife, who loves pink, said, could I paint the car pink? So, in less than 3 month, working 5 full days a week, the car went back to the bare shell & rebuilt. A $2000-paint job, a $3000- trim by Peggy in Canberra. $1700- chrome in Queanbeyan. a $2000-unleaded motor, another $2000 in bits and pieces and the car was finished just 1 day short of the NSW state titles in Goulburn 2001.

    Getting up at and putting the chrome work on just in time for the Sunday car show in Canberra. The car won best display at Holden day, Sydney in 2003.

    The number plate FJH- FJ Holden -54C-car, came from a stock FJ sedan, when it was sold, in Canberra. The plate went on “pinky”, which is a 1955 model.

    We couldn’t let the plate go interstate. We sold “pinky” to a guy in Wagga a couple of years ago. Yeah, I’ve owned a few FJ, 49 complete and wrecks in total over 35 years. you’ll see me around the swap meets in NSW. Cheers. Great photo.

  • Elegia

    This picture is almost romantic. ;) Nice car and very pink indeed! And I liked the little story behind this photo.

  • jay

    OMG! a vintage car!