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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Instant Sparks


I was walking today through Pitt Street Mall and have noticed two people who I would potentially like to photograph. A young blond in a nice gray suit and a young man wearing a fashionable outfit. What followed was like a scene from a movie. The young man has complimented the young lady as she was passing him with a chivalrous comment. She kept walking but turned her head and over the shoulder replied “Thank You” and kept walking. She took another few steps, stopped smiled to herself and returned to the young man who could not believe his luck. As you can see they seemed to strike and instant conversation, not taking their eyes of each other.

At the moment I wish I had a video camera instead. I rushed the photo a bit but I still think it reflects the situation well. So remember gentlemen, a nice and kind word may get you that mobile number of the gorgeous stranger.