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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

In the news – Stand up for Tibet


Australian Tibet Council has organised a peaceful protest today in Martin Place against alleged brutal military crackdown against Tibet by Chinese government. The council is clear: Australian Olympic Committee should boycott carrying of the torch up Mount Everest. Interestingly the message did not call for the total boycott of the Olympics in Beijing.

The photograph shows news cameraman filming gathered protesters, their posters and gruesome photographs of torture victims.

In the news – homeless and his dog


It seems the news is never good when you are homeless and even your dog can feel the times are tough.

This homeless man is well known to any person who regularly visits the Pitt Street Mall. He is always there with his newspaper and his dog. I think the dog wins him a lot of symphaty as many people stop to say hello and donate a coin or two.