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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Gorgeous redhead


There was no other way to capture this gorgeous girl with her vibrant red hair. I had to ask her for a pose, to which request she agreed easily, almost of enthusiasm.

I have taken a short series of shots with her looking at me or the camera. I have shown her the photo and she relaxed her pose a bit. Now I could take few more photographs which did not look posed. She was comfortable and relaxed her stance. She has also turned slightly away from the camera. I was much happier with this photograph.

I have thanked her for being such good model and I have given her my card. I forgot one thing: ask for her name. So, if you are looking at your photograph please email me with your name, please!

Update: The mystery of the name has been uncovered. Alexi, thank you for writing.