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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Leisel Jones


I have met Leisel Jones recently at the Australian Motor Show in Sydney. Leisel is sponsored by Hyundai and was fulfilling her promotional duties. She was a very obliging host signing hundreds of autographs.

Motor show crowds however are fickle and 30 minutes later Lisel was quite on her own, while the crowd gathered somewhere else. I have asked Leisel to pose for few photographs. Nothing out of ordinary – all with a car, as after all this was Motor show photo reportage.

Leisel is very laid back and was very helpful in all shots. So, here I am photographing an Olympian, gold medal winner and world record holder. How do I capture her passion for what she does? Well, the cars were certainly not it. Finally, I have taken this close-up of her face. Look at these eyes, there is fire and determination in them. I could easily discard all the other photographs from the day. This was my winner. Thank you Leisel.