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Ted Szukalski

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Sydney Motor Show 2008


This is a long overdue entry on Australian International Motor Show 2008, as is the proper and full name of the Sydney’s car exhibition.

Before I go to individual cars there are two important issues that need to be mentioned. Firstly, a lot of European car manufacturers decided not to exhibit their cars this year, some citing tough economic times and some in protest. In Europe, Frankfurt and Paris run their shows on alternative years and yet in Australia both Melbourne and Sydney have their shows every year despite representing less than 10% of the total European market. Personally I do not think companies like BMW and Mercedes for example, which pump large sums of money in Formula 1 would be short on cash to show of their latest cars.

Second aspect of the show I’d like to mention has to do with economy and fuel. Words such as “hybrid”, electric, fuel efficient are repeated almost on every car stand. Even Ferrari California was described as 20% more efficient than its predecessor. I did not hear thrilling and exciting to drive once. Even Holden with its stable of muscle cars did not mention “powerful”. In a way it is a sad turn of affairs. Many people who visit shows like that are car enthusiasts who look for the visual and performance aspect alike. I understand the rising fuel prices mean we will need to swap to alternative energy sources but does it mean the cars have to become boring, clinical and frankly uninteresting.

So, here is my list of cars worth looking at. The links lead to their photographs. Enjoy.