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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Jacaranda bloom and St Andrew’s Cathedral


I had some quick sushi for lunch today next to the Town Hall. As always looking around trying to spot interesting people. What drew my attention however, was not people but a beautifully blooming Jacaranda tree with St Andrew’s Cathedral in the background. I focused closely in order to eliminate all the surrounding buildings and people and just to emphasise how pretty this scene was.



Have you ever seen a Kawasaki bicycle? Well, I for one never did, so when I noticed this girl approaching the pedestrian crossing on this odd size and shape bicycle with Kawasaki branding I decided to take a photo of it. However, by the time I raised the camera to my eye my interest in the bicycle has quickly shifted to its owner, a young girl, who out of nowhere decided to have this huge stretch right in front of me. So, here is a photograph, which started as a bicycle curiosity and ended up with a human behaviour.