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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Here comes the sun


As usual for me on Sunday mornings I went to Terrigal. There was a small group of photographers all set up to photograph the sunrise. I have my theory about when to photograph sunrises and today was not the day. However, what is always with me is the people interest and thus I was quite happy with this photograph or a photographer setting up to take a shot. In fact he was taking a set of them to stitch them up later and create a wide panorama.

Beautiful sunrise aside the sun in last few days has made South-East of Australia one of the hottest places on Earth with temperatures reaching 47C and staying above 40C for many days. Victoria is particularly affected with fire claiming not only property and bush but also human lives, children including. Police are reporting 25 confirmed deaths and estimate this count to exceed 40. This is truly tragic. What is worse is the fact there are report the fires were deliberately lit. I seriously think a total fire ban should include prohibition on smoking cigarettes in cases like that. A reporter on morning news was saying kids saw a man throwing a cigarette butt in the bush around the fire epicenter in Victoria. Shocking stupidity. No puff is worth all these human lives.