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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Asian man with lots of bags


Here is another “accidental”, humorous situation. An Asian man is pushing a trolley with lots of stuffed bags in front of BNP Paribas bank building. It almost looks like he walked out of that building. Another man is covering his face as if in a gesture to say “I do not want to know what you are carrying out, man”.

On an unrelated note I have updated this blog behind the scenes with a new version of WordPress and more significantly with an altered version of the visual theme. This blog is now rendering valid HTML5 code. Interestingly, I had to rewrite a lot of plug-ins as their authors did not verify the output of their plugins to be HTML compliant.

Hopefully this will lead to a better semantic structure of the content. With some code available on the web I made the pages backward compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7. So, although these browsers do not understand HTML5 they still render with minimum degradation of the content presentation.