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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Golden Retriever puppies


Our golden retriever “Buttercup” has given birth to healthy and very adorable seven Golden Retriever puppies. I have set up a space to photograph them and both my wife and daughter set the puppies up very quickly. Everything was perfect. Lots of lights, We placed nice, warm red, contrasty blanket for the puppies both as the base and background. As I was to press the shutter release the “mum” had to make sure they are alright and stuck her head right through the blanket.

Without a doubt Golden Retriever as dogs and particularly as puppies are one of the most loved breeds on this planet. Once they can see and walk and see they are very playful without being too destructive. And once the fur on them grows a bit they are the cuddliest dogs in anyone’s books.

As for trying for a perfect family portrait we will need to wait few days until first time mum gets used to idea of us handling the puppies for longer than 10 seconds. Perhaps a bribe of something tasty will help. You may not be able to teach a Golden Retriever everything but you can always count on its appetite as they treat every meal as if it was their last.

PS: no, they do not have names … yet.