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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Golden Retriever puppies – now two days old


Brother and sister golden retriever puppies enjoying the heat of photographic lamps. Today is their second day of life and mum golden retriever “Buttercup” was much more at ease with us handling them and posing for the photographs. She still supervised from a very close distance and made enough noises to tell us we should be very careful with her puppies.

The photographs where done with a fill in strobe and 4 static 600W side lights. I am yet to create a good space setup where I can move around them with ease and find more attractive angles. They are very small, about the length of an adult man’s palm. And although they mostly eat and sleep they fidget a lot, which makes arranging them quite a challenge.

I have now created a Golden Retriever photo album and will post to it new photographs of puppies daily, if time permits. This should create a nice story about golden retrieve puppy development. I invite you to visit often and see our puppies grow.