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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Golden retriever puppy – 3 days old


Our golden retriever puppies are now three days old and it seems at least one of them has a name, or perhaps more precisely a nickname. The gorgeous puppy you see on this photograph is called by my daughter “Albi”, short for albino” as he is the whitest of all the puppies. Albi, the golden retriever puppy also happens to be the biggest of the seven and looks like he will grow to be a dominant one.

All puppies are doing very well, getting plenty of sleep and food. Father of the pups is still not allowed to see them as “mum” really doesn’t like the idea, growling at him at a distance. For the sake of puppies and general peace at home we are keeping him away until the puppies grow a bit and we can safely introduce them.

Interestingly the mum golden retriever has now relaxed a bit and feels safe to leave them alone for whole … 3 minutes. Yes, golden retrievers are very caring and enduring dogs. The little noises puppies make when mum is not around ensure she comes back very quickly to them.