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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Old men talking on a bench


This photograph of two older man talking on a bench during lunchtime in Sydney reminded me of a recent discussion I have witnessed on an Internet forum on subject of candid people photography.

I am very passionate about photography in general and particular in people photographs. I will on average see 10 to 30 Internet blogs dedicated to photography a day. View what other photographers capture or create. See if I can learn some new technique or pick up what makes me like a photograph and how I can apply it to my skill set.

The photograph that triggered my subject recollection was captured some 50 years ago on a film camera. It portrait a small group of older man sitting a road side cafe. There was some considerable charm to the scene and it definitely had a cultural habit character.

Sadly, this lovely photograph has attracted rather uncalled for discussion on the subject of people photography. In short, a group of photographers somehow saw this old photograph as a “real street photography” where current street photographs apparently had no charm or character to match. So, while I was photographing these two older man I was thinking, what will anyone who sees this scene in 50 years think? Will they find it has a character the contemporary to them photographs do not have?