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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Paronella Park Ballroom


Paronella Park is one of the most bizarre historical places in Australia. In short it used to be a .. castle. Yes, there are or rather were castles in Australia.

This one, build by a Spanish emigrant Jose Paronella. A man of passion for love and engineering. However this story will have to wait for another time and another post. Today, I have selected this photographs of the Paronella Park Ballroom wall to discuss design.

In last two weeks I have redesigned and rewritten the theme you see here working in WordPress. The page is now HTML5 based to be more semantic. It also uses Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) to ensure widest possible browser compatibility. It primarily caters for the modern browsers and degrades gracefully for the old browsers but still reminds full functional.

Unfortunately, I as I worked on the theme I have discovered I will have to rewrite a number of functions in WordPress and its plug-ins. This means that from now on I will have to be very careful with upgrades or I may be able to convince the authors of the original code to accept my changes to their code.

So, what’s new? The colours have changed slightly. I have added tool buttons under posts, which will allow you to quickly add comments to the posts, send the post to Twitter, bookmark a post and finally if you are kind enough you can vote for this blog on Photoblog Awards. Finally I have rewritten the Gallery directory tree to be friendlier to navigate and discover.