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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Golden Retriever puppy – 3 weeks old


Our Golden Retriever puppies are now just over 3 weeks old. They are growing very quickly and we can see daily changes in their size and behaviour.

They are starting to be adventurous and explore their immediate surroundings. Interestingly even though the door to their room is open they do not dare to leave it … yet.

There is a lot of sniffing around, lots of paw showing, initial power plays and lots of squeaky barking.

They are also starting to eat food other than mum’s milk, which means they will start growing even faster.

See more photographs of our Golden Retriever puppies in the puppy gallery.

What language do you speak?


Australia is a multicultural country with fifth of its population born abroad. The people here speak many languages other then English.

Having a blog on the Internet poses an issue of understanding. I have visitors from all over the world but do they even remotely understand what my pictures and their caption relate to?

Over the weekend I have added a new feature the this photo blog: a language translation. This is an automatic translation tool powered by Google and the results may differ from language to language but I figured out this is better than nothing for these visitors who view my blog and do not understand English.

The language translation toolbar is an experiment only at this stage and I will decide if I should keep it after a while when I can review its usage statistics.