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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Asian girl with very exotic face


It rare that I take photographs of people for their face alone, but in the case of this Asian girl I found her face to be very exotic. Initially from a distance it was her small hat and a smart leather jacket that drew my attention but as she approached I even forgot she had a hat. The girl did not mind being photographed, neither did the Indian man on the left.

Man with a big smile against a poster with smiling woman


I was passing this man in the Martin Place. He noticed my camera and said: “Sir, I hope you are not talking photos of me!”. Naturally I raised my camera and photographed his smiling face in a single move. I had no intention of keeping the photograph. I knew it probably was badly blurred due to motion and I did not expect it to be in focus. I kept on going as the man’s intention was simply to engage me in a conversation which led to some marketing.

When I uploaded all my street photographs from today’s walk I have noticed this man’s photo turned out to be quite a catch as his smiling and blurred face is nicely complemented by a smiling woman from a poster behind him. Definitely a keeper.