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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Melbourne Cup day in Sydney


Today was a public holiday in Victoria to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. This Melbourne event however gets national following and there has been calls to make it a public holiday nationwide.

In Sydney you can see the punters placing their bets in a massive tent at Martin Place. The queues were lengthy thus I can only assume the volume of cash was substantial too.

However, Melbourne Cup is not only about betting and a horse race. Melbourne Cup is also all about fashion. Many girls in Sydney dressed up for the occasion making the city more colourful. There were also more smiles all around.

PS: I drew a dog in a horse race.

Inner city apartment 2


Some time ago I have captured a photograph of homeless man sleeping in a window of a building in Sydney and I have titled it “Inner city apartment“. Few days ago, as I was rushing to catch my train home, I have noticed the same homeless man sleeping in an alcove of a garage door, which looked a lot more sheltered, was lit and looked even more like a livable space for homeless.