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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Surrogate avatar


Surrogates and Avatar are very popular movies in the cinemas at the moment. Both explore the idea of using a surrogate or an avatar as part of human life. However, the commonality ends on basic concept of a human controlling the avatar. From this point on the use of the avatar is very different in each movie. Where the “Surrogates” replace human existence almost 100% in name of safety and lead to alienation and isolation in the result the Avatar concept extends the use to presence in environments where humans could not survive. In fact the final scene transforms the avatar into a creature thus signifying the avatar is only a carrier, a robot but not a being.

Both movies are excellent to watch and will keep you entertained.

The photograph of the avatar here is a head of a manekin wired to medical equipment and transformed into digital art in Photoshop using light color modifying filters.

Cicada Song


This year cicada’s song is unbelievably loud. The relentless and never ending brain drilling wall of noise reaching 120db. That is one loud little insect and in the bush surrounding my house there must be millions of them. I have yet to see a live cicada around the house, but I can see their discarded cicada skins.