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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Goat on two legs


The scrolling advertising boards on the back of the telephone boxes can provide for some very amusing combinations of people’s legs and the advertising posters. In this photograph the goat from Trading Post campaign featuring a frog on a goat aligns with legs of a human making a phone call on the other side of the billboard.

Builders at lunch


Sydney is going through one of the most dramatic make over in a long time. There is hardly a street without a major redevelopment taking place. In the Pitt Street Mall this is perhaps more visible then anywhere else. The mall has to endure the noise and partial closures as development takes place on both of its sides.

All this building activity ads to new social mix in the city. In addition to regular business people and shoppers an army of builders is present in its center. Here, in the photograph a large group of workers is having lunch and some rest in the Pitt Street Mall. They often enjoy performances by frequent busker, or simply watch people going by.