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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Justice Dance Crew


Only few days ago I have mentioned I came across a street dancers, which were so boring I did not care to take a single photograph. Today in contrast I was not sure when to stop taking photographs. The Justice Dance Crew were performing at Pitt Street Mall. Their acrobatic finesse and moves captures what may have been the biggest crowd I’ve seen in the mall for such an impromptu performance.

The guys were very athletic, engaging and entertaining. Spinning so fast and so close to my lens I have moved half a step on few occasions intuitively in order not to interfere with their routine and obviously to protect my gear. I hope I have more opportunities to photograph these dynamic hip hop dancers.

I invite you to explore more photographs of the Justice Dance Crew.

Disabled access


Crowne Plaza Terrigal is one of the NSW’s most popular weekday and weekend destinations. Overlooking the Terrigal Beach on the Central Coast it is a great place for a lunch or dinner and a cold beer. It went extensive restoration and now offers even more space for visitors to enjoy the beauty of Terrigal often to the music of local bands.

This weekend as were approaching its main entrance I have noticed this badly misplaced “Disabled access” sign. Instead of posting the sign on the left of the stairs and thus pointing to a ramp few metres away, someone posted it on the right hand side of the steep stairs, where it clearly points to them. It is not obvious from this point that there is an access ramp further to the left and it may look as a bad joke to any disabled person.