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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Cameras can be so complicated


I often get asked to help people chose a camera. It is a difficult task as people expectations are as individual as they are. A good camera for some people is a cheap point and shoot and for others it maybe Canon 1D mark IV. Selecting camera is not a trivial thing as there are so many models available on the market with so many different features. In case of a digital SLR the selection is further complicated by the choice of right lenses. Here again there are many models from cheap (and nasty) to excellent but expensive top of the range lenses.

I made my choices based primarily on the subject of my photography. In this case the deciding factor was speed of focus and number of frames per second. I needed this for fast moving sport photography.

Taking into account I take a lot of street photographs, I am considering a very different camera in the future. I have some ideas in my mind what it should be and I am watching the product advances very closely. The camera I’d like to have has not been produced yet but I think Micro Four Thirds Olympus and Panasonic cameras are on the right track, as is Leica with small body full frame solution. These cameras are are small, light and inconspicuous.

I think this format of a camera will be increasingly popular choice for people who outgrew the point and shoot cameras but do not want the bulk of full DSLR. They do need a good range of quality lenses to complement the system and for me ideally a tilt/swivel LCD.