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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Letter boxes at Arthurs Point


On our way back to Queenstown from Coronet Peak after day of skiing I have noticed an unusual sight in one of the side streets. We were very close to the historic bridge in Arturs Point. There was a row of probably 50 Letter Boxes in various shapes and colours. Some of them werre made out of old road signs, coffee machines, and even a Caterpillar radiator. The houses around looked very new, in fact the whole suburb looked very new so the placement and nature of these letter boxes looked very much odd.

One of the residents came out and asked me why I was photographing their letter boxes and was mildly amused when I said they look very interesting to me as a photographer both as a curiousity item and that they represented a form of urban art.

Coronet Peak


We have been skiing at Coronet Peak now for few days. The snow cover is solid and firm but could use a serious top up. Snow making can only do so much. In a way it is lucky Coronet Peak is facing south, thus staying in the shade for most of the day preventing the sun from melting the snow.

The views are breath taking, but I am not intending to ski with my gear. It is rather too risky. This photograph was taken from the car park during snow making.