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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Australian Federal Election 2010


Australians will tomorrow cast their vote to elect a new Federal government. Personally I think the current elections are particularly difficult due to a mix of policies on offer from both major political camps. However, this blog is dedicated to photography and not to politics thus I am going to hold to my opinions.

I was made aware the advertising company is serving political ads to my blog and I would like to clearly state I do not expressly support or endorse any of the political parties via this blog. People need to make their own voting decisions based on their own political view, performances of the parties they support and in the best interest of Australia.

Choose wisely!

PS: Please remember, you do not vote for a Prime Minister – you vote for a political party, which will govern Australia. (Technically you elect members of The Australian House of Representatives and senators of The Australian Senate)