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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Australian Federal Election 2010 – No clear winner


Democratic processes sometimes take a strange turns. I believe yesterday’s vote is one of these eye opening statements by the electorate. The vote may be and will be interpreted in many different ways, however, the fact that neither of the major parties could form a majority government is a clear message that the public voice and opinion cannot be taken for granted by anyone.

With number of seats still not decided this may change in few days but most analysts predict a hung parliament. A minority government is never easy to run, especially that balance of power in the senate is also held by 3rd party – Greens. It exposes the potential for deals, which may not have otherwise sanctioned by the government in order to gain support of the independents and greens. Other words, less than 3% of House of Representatives Members may have a control over the country. It does not seem right. At one stage of the election TV coverage it was mentioned a very high informal vote of 8 to 10% in some electorates. That is a significant number that could have totally altered the election results. I do not know how but I think since voting is compulsory a vote has to be cast. Perhaps the representatives of the Australian Electoral Commission should have a special right to verify each vote is a valid one.

The photograph of a young man with a puzzled facial expression is unrelated to the elections or its results. I have presented it here as an individual human expression of uncertainty many people may feel today.