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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

On your bike


This website underwent a major redevelopment in last two weeks after a series of issues with my web hosting company. At one point, for some unknown reason, after so many years without a hick-up every time someone visited my site it would bring the server down

Taking into account the “good of many” I have voluntarily removed the gallery from the Internet and started a tedious process of troubleshooting it. It took a week to find the real cause, deeply hidden in a piece of software no one supports. Right.

I was left with no option but to reconstruct the gallery using a new version of Gallery 3. This is no trivial decision as it does not resemble Gallery 2, nor does it work the same way with plugins for WordPress. The decision meant that many of my well indexed 6000+ photographs will return a page not found (404) when referenced from search engines such as Google. It will take a long time for all of search engines to fully re-index all the articles and photographs.

Re-doing the website gave me a new incentive to venture out and start taking street photos again.

The photograph attached to this article was taken opposite Sydney Town Hall on a busy pedestrian strip. The man riding the bike seemed huge, and high above everyone else. He was riding the bike with some determination and despite the afternoon crowd managed skillfully to avoid all the pedestrians, including me.