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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

A girl with a “broken” tattoo


Today was a glorious day for a midday walk. After cool morning the weather changed nicely and by midday the autumn turned into beautiful Sydney summery day. Nice day like that is a gift to a street photographer as people come out for lunch in their masses.

And today did not disappoint. Lots of characters and candid moments to photograph.

My most interesting photo of the day however does not even show the person’s face. It is this taken from the back photograph of a girl with a very feminine  crochet top.  It was not the contrast of the light, but the contrast of the style of that top versus raw and bold tattoo across her neck saying “Broken..” underneath another tattoo of a bar code that drew my attention.

Even my wife who seldom sees the same in photographs what I see, has commented how striking that contrast was… almost disturbing somehow.