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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Appearances Can Be Misleading


I took this photograph of a pretty blond girl while on my train trip home.  There was some unusual intensity with which she was reading a text message or sending one herself, as if the message was a reason for concern.

I just bought some “artistic” filters for my camera app on the Apple iPad and thus I decided to try one of the effects on this photograph. Took me a long time as I think the application comes with over 100 various photographic effects. In the end I have settled on something that makes this photograph very vintage. I added some border and sent the image to myself so I can later post it here.

We were approaching the final station and the girl started to “powder” her nose so to speak. Applying make-up on the train is nothing new, so I paid little attention until the last moment when she pulled a set of … glasses out of her bag. So, what looked as an intense message may have been simply the fact she had problems focusing without the glasses.