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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Beautiful Girl Reading a Newspaper on a Train


Late Friday afternoon. The train is really packed. I am sharing a 3-seater with another couple of big blokes. It is not a comfortable ride. By halfway I have read the MX back to front, read all the channel on Google currents. 

Ten minutes later the train finally empties out. I have the big seat to myself and … nothing to do. People get up and swap seats to get more comfortable for remaining 20 to 30 minutes of travel. On the seat opposite to mine a gorgeous girl, in a beautician’s outfit sits down and starts to read a newspaper.

I reach for my iPad and start taking photographs of her. I took perhaps as many as ten photos. Some quirky, as she draws some facial expressions probably to match her reactions to the articles she is reading,

So, do I post the usual candid¬†quirkiness? No, she is far too pretty for that. I seldom take photos of people because of how they look. I am more interested in “the moment”, capturing things they do and the expressions I can read from their involuntary poses. In case of this girl the photos is about her face, the chick bones, nose line, nicely shaped lips. Simply about her beauty.