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Ted Szukalski

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Homosexual Sydney


I wonder why is it that Sydney Town Hall seems to be permanently decorated with the rainbow flag symbolising homosexuality? I am sure there are people who live in the Sydney council area and would like the council to represent them too.

Further, I am sure across the city there are hundreds of minorities that would like the acknowledgement equal to that the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) residents, workers and visitors get. Is Sydney City council showing prejudice against heterosexuals?

How about a flag for ordinary families? Or, perhaps one for the city workers regardless of their sexual orientation. Another flag could be raised for the hundreds of homeless people who sleep in the city. Perhaps one for the photographers :-)? You know we are part of the city life too.

Oh, one for the girls buying shoes, and one for the students, and one for Asians, and one for Aborigines, and one for Christians, and one for Muslims, and one for Buddhists,  and one for atheists, one for the Goths, one for the punks, one for the skins, and yes, even one for the people who use bike lines too, one for bus drivers, one for …

Yes, Equality is difficult to achieve when one decides to support single minority group.

PS: I just found out the flag supposed to be there between 12 of February and 4 March – the day after the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade. Well it seems some one was clever and allowed to hang there for more time.