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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Rock Perspective


Recently I watched The Last Days on Mars. Quite an interesting movie from the perspective that Mars seem to be the current target of planetary exploration. The movie is based on a concept that astronauts get infected by a Marian bacteria, turning them into zombies. While the zombie part is somewhat unnecessary a cheapens the movie, the concept itself is plausible.

After all isn’t the exploration of other planets aimed at finding if there is live out there.

The movie is quite watchable, even if the stereotypes of people involved are somehow naive. Disconnected scientist, rational commander, unlikely hero, cowardly character and a token pretty and friendly girl. They are all there.

The bacterial infection could have been shown in a more realistic way, without grotesque turning of people into undead. Since the movie ends in a way that may suggest a sequel I will not spoil the story line for you.