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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Birds silhouettes


This photograph was taken at Lake Rotorua, on a very rainy and foggy day. Despite the weather we went for a walk along the smelliest tourist attraction in New Zealand. At the end of our walk there was a tree without any leaves, with multitude of water birds. Since the background was obscured by heavy cloud the dispersed light created a perfect opportunity for silhouette style photograph.

Despite the infamous smell of the Rotorua sulfur laced air, the lake is a host to thriving colony of multitude of water bird species: dabchick, little shag, white-faced heron, black swan, domestic goose, scaup, black shag, little black shag, Canada goose, paradise shelduck, grey/mallard, grey teal, shoveler, pied stilt, black-backed gull, red-billed gull and coot.