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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Sulfur rock at Te Puia Maori Thermal Reserve



Te Puia is a historic Maori village in the Te Whakarewarewa Valley, on the edge of Rotorua. It is a home to the world-famous Pohutu geyser, mud pools, hot springs, and silica formations. It’s in a thermally active area and the smell of sulfur hangs in the air.

The village includes spectacular geysers that erupt regularly up to 30 meters high, and if it’s windy then be ready to get a little or completely wet! It’s worth seeing the geysers and the sulfur rocks with the informative Maori guide.

As you can see from the photograph the sulfur rocks can have very interesting, for a photographer, shapes and colours. You just need to time your photography well, as the guides take you to the rocks and geysers quite late in the evening, so depending on the time of the year it may become quite dark. Also, consider how you going to protect yourself and camera from the geyser sprays.