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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

The Cathedral Cove (Whanganui-A-Hei) at Hahei


Hahei is a very popular summer holiday destination on Coromandel Peninsula both for New Zealanders and tourists. The little town woven amongst hills features a fantastic beach. At its southern end, if you dig deep enough in the sand, you can enjoy the warmth of thermal activities.

Cathedral Cove is an area of two beaches connected by a natural tunnel. It is the shape of that tunnel that gives it the Cathedral name. The whole formation is not very stable and our guide said it is not inconvincible that the tunnel will eventually collapse due to erosion.  However, while it is there its beauty is well worth the 45-minute walk or better yet Hahei Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours will get you there by sea. Yes, it takes some effort, but if you mildly fit, you will be rewarded by a great experience. I should point out that if you are walking it is best to visit Cathedral Cove on low tide, so you can cross the tunnel to the second beach and its natural sand and rock formations. Also, since it is a fair walk take some water with you. While we were there, the weather was affected by tropical cyclone thus the cloudy skies and subdued shades. Despite being soaked to the bone we still consider it one of the highlights of the trip.