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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

A woman in white dress


My usual camera setup for street photography includes a single 35mm lens. Often that will be the only lens I carry with me. Today, for some reason, I grabbed the bag with few more lenses – no particular purpose – just in case.

I have taken few photographs around town and was heading towards Town Hall train station. I thought I’d capture some of the Sydney Christmas décor and I switched to a long zoom, in order to compress the visual space.


There is a great view down the Market Street, when standing on the high end of it near Queen Victoria building. However, before I got there, I have noticed rather unusual scene. A woman dressed in an impeccable white crochet dress with matching white bag and even matching white iPhone was running down the George Street. Her strong athletic run was in such a high contrast to her delicate, dressy attire I decided to take the photo.

It didn’t take long to get an explanation why anyone would run on the street in such a hurry. She was meeting someone and that person had to stop the car on the other side of George Street. This is strictly no parking no stopping zone, so her hurry was well justified.