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Ted Szukalski

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Muse concert at Allphones Arena in Sydney 13 December 2013


Right from the start I have to declare I am a long term Muse fan, yet last night concert was the first time I have seen this amazing alternative rock band perform live. I also have to say upfront, I am not a big fan of their latest album the “The 2nd Law”. I recognise its intents and band’s ambition, but musically it isn’t there for me.

In concert: the set looks very simple, almost barren, and then within few musical beats the suspend square is lowered to transform into a pyramid of large format video screens. Videos are streamed immediately to it, and continue to enhance the show from on stage video feeds to lyrics so the crowd can sing with the band, like in the case of ever popular “Hysteria”.

The band opens with Supremacy, from current, sixth studio album The 2nd Law and then in continues through most of the favourites including Supermassive Black Hole and the galloping rhythm of Knights of Cydonia and Time Is Running Out. Out of the entire set I really do not care for the Panic Station. Somehow it’s not Muse for me.

By now, at my age doing pogo, is strange and fun at the same time. Our much younger friends stayed well at the back of the mosh pit, but not us, we are right up there. Admittedly the crowd is very well behaved and everyone is enjoying the show, so the mosh pit is very safe and so much closer to the action.

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Here is the list of all songs performed in their chronological order:

[Main Set]

  1. Isolated System
  2. Supremacy
  3. SMBH
  4. Panic Station
  5. Hysteria (w/Interlude intro)
  6. Butterflies & Hurricanes
  7. KoC (w/Man with a Harmonica intro)
  8. Monty Jam
  9. Explorers
  10. Follow Me
  11. Undisclosed Desires
  12. Guiding Light
  13. Liquid State
  14. Madness
  15. TIRO
  16. Plug In Baby
  17. Unnatural Selection
  18. Unsustainable
  19. Uprising

[Encore 1]

  1. Starlight
  2. Survival