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Ted Szukalski

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The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect is an alternative metal band from Brisbane, Australia. The band currently (December 2013) consists of singer Paul Galagher on lead vocals, Kurt Goedhart on guitar, Glenn Esmond on bass, and Ben Hall on drums. I have seen the live performance of the new lineup Butterfly Effect at the Mona Vale Hotel on 29th of December 2013.

For me there are two distinct stories to associated with this band’s performance on the night. First one: My son has been a big fan of The Butterfly Effect for long time. However, until now he could not see the band live, as he was underage and thus could not attend their legendary over-18 pub performances. So, when I found out the band has reformed after a long hiatus I bought the tickets to see them as a Christmas present. Judging from his face at the concert and the fact he was singing along during the performance I think this present was a big hit (pun intended). I have to say I like the band a lot too, but at this stage I prefer the clarity of the studio recordings.

Sadly, the second story is not as positive: the band was stopped during the concert just few minutes before 10PM apparently due to some curfew. Now this sux. I am not sure whose communication skills are responsible for this, but  when you sell a ticket to a performance you are responsible for making sure it can actually occur. The fans were very disappointed, as the show was stopped at the point where the new singer really started to get into it. It mustn’t be easy for new member of the band to fill the shoes of an acclaimed singer such as Clint Boge, never the less Paul Galagher was really getting the fans going and suddenly the band just had to say: this is it for tonight. We left the hotel with a bit of disappointment at the duration of the gig, and at the same time with satisfaction of hearing one of the better live bands.