by Ted Szukalski

Ted Szukalski is an IT professional by choice and a photographer by passion.

His interest in photography is very broad and covers all usual genres from landscapes to people portraits. Many of his photographs touch on society in general, which is captured in numerous street candid photographs.

He mostly enjoys photographing people. Street photography allows him to capture little moments in life where people are not posing; they behave in their natural way uninhibited by knowledge of a presence of a lens pointed at them.

The collection of street photographs, over a period of time, should create an interesting view of Sydney streets but also reflect on how he sees these streets.

Digital Photo Gallery of Ted Szukalski is a website dedicated to broad range of photographic subjects.
The website started operating on June 6, 2006.

The website is organised into two distinct sections: firstly via a photo blog, where each photograph is accompanied by a little description and often photographers thoughts or observations. Secondly the photographs are presented in the Gallery section of the web site. Here, they are organised by genres, and often create much larger collection of photographs than the article may use.

Ted hopes you will enjoy his view of the world.