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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

WordPress version 2.6


With regularity of a Swiss watch the WordPress development team is releasing one fantastic upgrade to its blogging software after another. Today, WordPress released version 2.6 codenamed “Tyner”.

Digital Gallery of Ted Szukalski blog has been using WordPress for over two years now. It may use a very unique theme as a skin but deep down in the engine room it is WordPress.

So, what does the new version bring?

  • Post Revisions: Wiki-like tracking of edits. Yes, you can go back and forth through article revisions
  • Press This!: Post from wherever you are on the web. A very clever tool for content inclusions
  • Shift (Google) Gears: Turbo-speed your blogging. This feature stores static content on your PC thus vastly speeding up the page loads
  • Theme Previews: See it before your audience does. Very useful tool for theme developers and tweekers



SONY press release:

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 1, 2006 –Sony Electronics today announced a GPS device that puts your pictures on the map.

Using time and location recordings from Sony’s GPS-CS1 GPS device and the time stamp from a Sony digital still camera or camcorder, photo buffs can plot their digital images to a map and pinpoint exactly where they’ve been.

The 12-channel GPS unit is 3-½ inches long, weighs two ounces, and is sold with a carabineer to easily attach to a backpack or a belt loop.

“Whether you’re traveling to the Seven Wonders of the World, or just wondering where to buy your next house, our new GPS device can track your journey,” said David Johns, product manager for digital camera accessories at Sony Electronics. “Adding a geographic context to your digital images helps organize and make use of your photos in entirely new ways.”