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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.




In short:

  • You cannot modify any of my images.
  • You cannot use any of my images to make money.
  • If you share or post my photographs or articles, you must credit my name to make it clear that I am the creator and copyright owner of o the photograph or the article. Please, always link to this web site ( or to the specific page on my site where you found the photograph.

In detail:

All Images, articles and other content on are protected by copyright. You are only given limited rights to use the Images you purchase: in particular, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, an Image or other content may only be reproduced once only in a publication registered to your name.

No Image or other content may be resold or distributed to a third party. You must agree that you will only use the Images or other content for these permitted purposes (except where such use constitutes fair dealing (“fair use”) under the Copyright Act). Except for these limited rights to use Images as set out in these conditions of use, you obtain no other rights in the Images you purchase.

If the purchased Image is intended for any other digital or commercial use other than editorial publication in a newspaper or magazine (including advertising and book publishing), you must seek prior written permission from

Photo credit (“attribution”) is mandatory and should read “ / Ted Szukalski”. This requirement extends to use under fair dealing (“fair use”). The photographer’s name can be found in the caption details.

You must seek the written permission of in order to make any changes (“derived work”) to an Image or other content, store an Image, transmit an image to another party, or include an Image in a digital or other archive.

Images or other content cannot be stored or archived in any way. When the project for which fees and permissions have been negotiated has been completed, the digital image must be deleted from all computers or storage devices.

Any royalty-free images? does not provide royalty free images. All images and other content on the service are copyright. The vast majority of the content is owned by Ted Szukalski and are copyright protected and rights-managed.

What does ‘rights-managed’ mean?

Rights-managed products come with a reproduction and usage license and a fee based on your specific use. The fee is calculated from factors including print run, size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. At the time you order a rights-managed product, you will be asked to submit information that will determine your licensing fee.

Does provide model releases?

No. A model release is a signed document by the subject of the photo agreeing to the photo being used for certain purposes, eg advertising. Most of’s images were originally taken for artistic use. Customers who wish to use images for commercial use (eg a photo of a well-known sporting personality for an advertisement) may need to obtain permission from the subject to avoid possible legal complications.