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Ted Szukalski

Gallery of fine art photography.

Golden retriever puppy alpha male

Golden retriever puppy alpha male
Golden retriever puppy asleep in a big 1 liter stein glass At 5 days old our golden retriever puppies are starting to grow very quickly. For this photograph I have gently inserted a sleeping puppy into a 1 liter stein glass, which as you can see is already too small length wise. We can also see the puppies already have an alpha male and female. They are the biggest and strongest. First to suckle and strong enough to push their siblings away if they think another nipple is better for them.

We had let the big male dogs have a sniff of the puppies. From a safe distance for now, but we want them to get used to idea there will be soon a bunch of little puppies running around and biting their ears and tales. Early introduction is quite essential, so the dogs know the newcomers are part of the family. Puppies will learn a lot from the big dogs in due time as part of their daily play. The big dogs no doubt will also teach them position in the pack. We will feed them separately to avoid any real conflicts. As peaceful as golden retriever are they will growl if “unwelcome” creature tries to eat from their bowl.
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