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Ted Szukalski

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Salzburg Austria 102_0115

Salzburg Austria 102_0115
Salzburg is immediately associated as a birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After visiting the city I think his genius and beauty of his music should be associated with Salzburg. It is a very charming city. Plenty to see as in any old European town - there is a castle, old town with narrow streets, churches and fountains. The locals are very tourist friendly and the food it first rate as is the beer. Mozart’s music can be appreciated daily or more precisely nightly if you are in town during the Mozart festival.

There are many post ice age lakes in the area with their gorgeous colours and refreshing water for these hot summer day. I’d recommend Mond See as a very good resort for families.

And yes there are the “Sound of Music” trips if you are so inclined, as the movie was filmed in Salzburg and neighboring towns.
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